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How to find a fuck buddy

Has your love life slowed down? Not had a good hard fucking for a while? Maybe you have, but you still want a little more. Traditionally it’s not been easy to find partners for regular casual sex - and nothing more. It’s even harder to find a regular supply of new sex buddies! 

But whatever your reasons for wanting to find a fuck buddy, you’ll be pleased to know that through the internet it’s easier than ever to find them! 

For the purpose of this article we will focus on one site, suitably named Fuck Buddies, but there are plenty others You can read this guide on fuck buddy sites to get a better idea on what you should look for. 

We’ll assume you’ve signed up to a site already and have a profile, if so try following these steps.

1. Upload good photos of yourself – but of your face, not just your torso or genitals! Most people, especially females want to know what you look like.

2. Keep your profile short if possible. It’s easier to complete, you update it more often to keep it fresh, and others won’t be put off reading it, which will mean more people take the time to read it, and as a result, most importantly you are far more likely to have someone who is interested in you contact you.

3. Be honest. If you really are interested in a fuck, and nothing more, don’t tell people you are looking for “the one”. However there are ways to phrase this and still be perfectly respectful while making it clear you’re after a no-strings type relationship.

4. Search locally – or locally to where you want to find people.  No point in chatting to those who aren’t near you. Also, be clever with your searches, if you can filter them by interest, or other criteria then do so – this makes your job of contacting the right people with the right message far easier. If the adult dating site is any good there will be plenty of potential matches. This also highlights the earlier point of making sure you complete your profile.

5. Send an intro mail. Again – make it short, honest and interesting. You don’t want it too long no-one wants to bother reading it all, but it needs to be long enough to catch their interest and get them to reply or look at your profile. The idea is to be short enough that you can personalize the message, but short enough that you can send out a similar message to lots of users to increase your chances. Try this if you’re stuck for ideas – [Hi][intro – my name is….][compliment - what I like about your profile was][ask them to take a look at your profile or contact you if they want to know more][finish on a question – “would you mind if I added you to my favorites?”

6. Be persistent. You will NOT get a reply from every person. You will need to send lots of messages, and when you do get a reply you’re unlikely to have someone who wants to jump in to bed with you right away, so you will need to send them more messages. But you will succeed if you try. See which messages get the best response, fire more those style messages out, always be polite, and log in and update your profile regularly and send out new messages each day. In no time at all they will be eating out of your palm.

So now you know how to get laid regularly all that is left for you to do is create your own fuck buddy profile, or read more guides about sites that let you find fuck buddies.

Enjoy the sex!